1-1 Consulting





I work with people who struggle to stick with overly strict training programs. They struggle with the consistency required to see long term results leaving them feeling pissed off at themselves, lazy, frustrated and lost. They know exactly what they need to do yet still feel unable to put the steps into action, leaving them feeling in short, a bit shit. 


They struggle because they’ve been told to believe that diets and gyms are the only way to achieve their results. When in fact, the reality is that there’s so much more involved. so much more they haven’t been told and in truth diets and exercise plans simply scratch the surface and never provide the fuller picture required for long term transformation.


I help to put them back in the driver’s seat so that they no longer feel stuck, lost, frustrated and out of control in their own lives…


I do this by Gamifying (real word) the entire process making it fun and enjoyable, taking the client through a mission of self-discovery. working with, in and on their environments on all levels to help them to create the prediction and response necessary to effectively gain control of their decisions and actions moving towards a goal ( I help them to get unstuck and ‘unlost’)


so that they can not only stick to plans consistently enough to see long term results, they will actually enjoy the process of doing so. Leaving them feeling happy, fulfilled, confident and for the first time fully in control, accepted, cared for and connected. Knowing not only exactly what they need to do but also being able to put the steps into action, leaving them feeling in short, pretty awesome.

What else will I do…

I will provide you with Clarity , focus, strategy, direction and support in order to support YOU in discovering your personal ‘ medicine’

I’ll support you in finding clarity around exactly WHAT you want ( the goal behind the goal ) and then I’ll show you how to discover the perfect path towards that end for you personally.

My aim is not to get fast short term results. My aim isn’t to make you a better person.

My aim is to show you the BEST parts of you. To show you that you don’t need to fix yourself, simply BE yourself.

It’s to find out EXACTLY where you are now. Where you MOST want to be and to create a path from A-B that you can fall in love with.

And in the process I’ll teach you everything you need to know about fitness, Nutrition , mind-set and everything else in between.

My goal isn’t to make you dependant on me. It’s to put you in a position where even without me or any other trainer. You’re able to maintain your results even through hard times from this moment on

No more YOYO diets, no more working your face of for weeks just to fall of track and regress back to square 1

That, and much more


Currently, there’s a few ways to work with me as a Personal Trainer and Coach with unlimited access as a 1:1 client. 


Firstly, what’s ‘ Unlimited access ‘ ?

This just means that you get as much time as you need. That could be 1 hour a month or 4 hours a week and that might change from time to time. Ill give you access to my calendar and you can book in as much as you need to. Your my ‘ full time ‘ client. Not just someone I train 2x per week then forget about. Whatever you need, I’m there. Want help with shopping, lets go ! want to go for a run, I’m there, want to grab a coffee to discuss your progress just let me know!, stressed at work and need to vent, call me. You get the picture. On average most clients will see or speak to me 1-2 times per week.

1 Year- Investment  £4000

6 moths – Investment £2500

90 days- Investment – £1500

Just so you know. If you’ve read my ‘ stuff’ you’ll know that I’m big on family and a firm believer that ‘ Together is better ‘ So, i wont just work with you, ill work with your entire household, your friend groups and do everything I can to ensure you’re always in the best possible environment with the best possible support and that your results not only impact you but everyone around you.



If you’re looking for something a bit quicker or maybe you just have a certain struggle or question you want to address, maybe you want to ‘ test drive’ what I  do before you invest in a longer program, whatever the reason a 1 or 2 day intensive might be great for you.

To be honest, I really do love this way of working with people

Really simple. We spend the day together creating a strategy that you can apply instantly to get you started.

If you live in  different City or even country I’m happy to travel to come and work with you. Plus we can do something fun at the same time, the 1 or 2 day intensive is an experience that I want you to not only find informative, uplifting and inspiring. I want you to actually enjoy the day.  In fact before hand we will plan a day that is truly amazing for you personally. A day that send you head first in the right direction.


1 day  £100
2days £150

(Plus travel , accommodation and expenses)



Want to go over something quickly, have a question you want angering in more detail or something you feel stuck with. Or, maybe you just want to check in occasionally.

You can book in a quick 1 hour skype or face-time call. Or we can meet for a ‘ Coffee’ depending on location.

Calls are £30 up to 1 hour

Meetings are £30 up to 1 hour plus expenses


The 4th and final way is via my online membership site. So, come and join the rest of us HERE at ‘ Your Place’


If you’d like to have a chat so we can see if this could be a good fit for both yourself and me, then just send  me a message on one of my social network sites FB and Instagram are best and then we ca jump on a quick call or grab a Coffee if you’re local to see if its a good fit.

If at any point I believe there’s a better way or ‘ fit’ for yourself (or me) ill refer you onto one of the many fantastic PTs/Coaches that  know 🙂

So, you’re in safe hands.

PS ill post up an application link soon. But for now, just message me If you have any questions or interest in any of the options above.

– Paul

P.S. remember if you’d like to keep in contact so I can tell you about new posts or anything I have going on. You can sign up to my free emails here. Again, I promise not to spam you. Its just another way to add some value. Just click the link below