The Worlds Greatest Diet Plan

I’ve just finished a consultation with a young guy wanting to cut down a little and like almost everyone he asked ‘that’ question.

” What’s the BEST program/diet for weight loss?”

The reply, is always the same. The best program is simply the one that you enjoy the most. One you can stick to.

This answer usually results in a blank and slightly disappointed expression from the person in front of you hoping to finally find out the key ingredient, the  ‘secret’

But, it couldint be more true!

“A feeling is worth a thousand repetitions”

In other words if I put your hand over a hot stove, you feel the burn and immedietly build the habit – ” Don’t do that” – the negative feeling was so strong that the habit formed in seconds.

As a Personal Coach or Trainer (ill explain the difference in another blog post) if I tell you in scientific terms that HIIT training (high intensity interval training) is more effective than say SS (steady state cardio) then that’s great. Unless you cant stand HIIT training.

Then what ?

Ok so you force it for a few months, lose the weight. Eventually though its pretty much like putting your hand into fire each day, no matter how much you try, you wont build a solid habit. So as soon as ‘ Life’ starts to get in the way your program goes down the drain, your diet goes down the drain and you gain the weight back

Maybe you’ve experienced this ?

Your long term success depends on one thing and that’s your abilty to maintain and build a habit long enough to see a change and then a complete transformation, not only in your body but your life as a whole!

Habit depends upon repetition (on average around 66 days I think )

AND ….” A feeling is worth a THOUSAND repetitions

Ask yourself these two simple questions

– What do I LOVE about food?

– What do I LOVE about exercise/ been active?

And make sure your training plan and eating plan has a firm foundation around what you LOVE.


PS- This is so important, its one of the first things ill focus on with a new client.



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