‘ Beautiful Weirdos’

THIS is the type of Coach I want to be. 
I don’t want to hide behind a  ‘ professional image’ a perfect profile… a perfect uniform
This is a room of Amazing coaches and PTs traveling the country to come together simply to become the GREATEST Versions of themselves
No uniforms
Just REAL people ‘ Beautiful Weirdos’ as Dax calls then
People showing up 100% as themselves, perfections and imperfections. Just REAL people
World class coaches and PTs.. who’s clients include Royalty, celebrities, ceos, leaders of all kinds
The coaches I’ve met who are by far the MOST Passionate about supporting others, about becoming the greatest versions of themselves.
Are the ones who ‘ Show up’ 100%
They ‘ Show up’ in normal
Clothes, jeans, T shirts ( Helping clients to see that you don’t need to dress perfectly to be accepted )
They show up and play, make fun, swear, tell inappropriate jokes ( to clients) ( helping clients to see that it’s OK to be silly, to not take been serious too seriously)
They show up and share their deepest fears and concerns ( In front of clients ) ( to show clients that, it’s ok to be vulnerable, to speak up and share your story)
They drink and eat cake in public and other nice foods! ( showing clients that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your food, that you shoujdint be afraid of it!)
They ‘ Show up’ as REAL PEOPLE with imperfections and fears and doubts and insecurities
Because if they don’t, then how as a client can I relate ?
How can I relate to an overly professional suited up perfect ‘ copy’ of a ‘ perfect’ Coach or PT
How can I feel confident and happy with ME as ME with ALL of my imperfections with a Coach who is afraid to show there’s ?
How can I share my fears and insecurities with a Coach who constantly hides behind a perfect image?
How can I SEE that I don’t need to ‘ fix myself’ when my Coach is afraid of looking broken?
I want to be the type of Coach who shows up 100%
I’m not saying that right and that anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. That’s just how I want to do it.
That’s just me 👍

-Paul IMG_5570.JPG


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