How My Client Walked On Fire

Personal Coaching and Training isn’t JUST about getting ‘ Fit’ although that’s a BIG part.

Its about Re-Defining WHO we are as people.

My client Hayley started Coaching with me a little while back. When she did we quickly realised in her consultation that her number 1 stumbling block, the ‘ thing’ getting in the way was simply a ‘ Self identity’ which didn’t serve her goals.

It wasn’t a ‘Bad’ Self identity…it simply wasn’t the right one fore the life she wanted to live!

So, we went about changing it and creating one that suited her a little better

One of Self belief

Self Worth

Self Confidence

Self Motivation

Self CARE!!

Last night Hayley organised a Fire Walk event for Cancer research. She packed out the local Pub, raised a lot of cash, brought people together and created an amazing atmosphere that night.

With this, as her Coach/ PT I decided to take a BIG step back. Besides taking part myself I didn’t really do anything! I just left her to it. Watching from a distance (Always there if needed) …And she smashed it!

I knew she would because like any GREAT client. She listens and applies the work, She consistently works hard, constantly learning and improving. Always moving forwards

I could see a VERY Different Hayley last night and today to the one I first met.

And the coolest part is, as a result of that

Money was raised for a GREAT cause

People came together for a GREAT night and GREAT memories

FEARS were faced!

Confidence, self belief, self worth all built upon last night for everyone who took part

YES Hayley has lost a lot of weight

She’s STRONGER and Fitter and HEALTHIER

BUT to ME ‘That’ result is so much more important and valuable.

Very proud Coach.


PS If you EVER get the chance to do a Fire Walk, do it, its great fun!


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