Mental Health and WORLD class PT’S, Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Just so you know.

Almost EVERY SINGLE world class PT, Coach and Entrepreneur that I’ve personally studied under, worked with , read books from or met 

The ones who make 6-7 figures each year

The ones coaching and training Royalty , Celebrities, CEOS

Every one of them at some point either has or does suffer with Mental Health problems




Bi polar 

And more

And I honestly believe that to be ‘ Great ‘ at what you do… to be world class. Requires a special type of thought process

An ability to deal with lows that others can’t

Experience Highs they can’t imagine

Stress they couldn’t face

It’s that daily fight that over time conditions you. Makes you stronger.

It provides vision


Focus and direction

Anyway, I’m rambling

Just Don’t let it define you. Whatever ‘ It’ is


PS Mental Health effects 1 in 4 so give this a Share, let people see that its ok.

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