Every Single Day.

I think I’m not good enough.

I have moment after moment after moment of self doubt

I shouldn’t be here … doing this

I don’t know enough yet

I need to learn more

Everyone will realise I’m not as good as they think!

I’m not showing up enough

I’m not fit enough I don’t look good enough

I’m not good enough…


Yet EVERY night I go to bed and remember that through everything. I’m still here.

Through every challenge



I’m still here.

I remember what I’ve achieved so far.

Most of all I remember that I’ve pretty much achieved every goal I’ve set my mind to so far ALL while not really having a fucking clue what was going on in general. Just pure graft and refusing to give up. ( I never give up… it’s gift/ curse )

I’ve gotten side-tracked by the TV and forgotten the point of the post… something about self worth

But, yeah… it’s in that realisation that after ALL of that shit… you’re still going.


You can take your time. You can go as slow as you want and learn at a pace that suits you.

You can just BE YOU

When my nephew first started to try to walk. He sucked pretty bad. Constantly falling over!

Did he give a shit ? …. No chance!

Just kept getting back up

Just kept showing up

Now, he’s running all over the place !

Still not giving a shit.

So, stop giving a shit

… I have Social Anxiety. I should not be working with people in a job that requires me to be this ‘ social’ but I’ve never been very good at doing what I’m told.

So I pretty much took on EVERY Job that required me to challenge my anxiety. Years later, it’s pretty much sorted. (90%)

I should not be standing in front of dozens of PTs teaching them about Coaching and the Brain set… yet i seem to do that a fair bit.

Stop giving a shit that you’re not 100% there yet

That you’re not as good as ‘ they’re’ expecting or that YOU’RE expecting

Stop caring that maybe it’s taking you a bit longer than you expected

Or that you’re not doing things the way everyone else is expecting!

Just keep falling over and remember that not long ago you couldn’t even crawl!! You were just lying there trying to keep your head up!

So, you get back up and fall on your arse again… and again

And before you know it, you’re running around like a complete nutter. ( still not really knowing what’s going on)

  • Paul

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