Its Not What You Do, But WHO You Are While You’re Doing It.

Quick post, something that has come up a few times this week .

For me personally ( in the way I work, feel free to disagree) there are no ‘ Bad’ things , Bad foods, Bad ways etc

Its more so a question of, is this serving me ?

I can sit on my Ass all evening and watch a movie as a way to switch off and relax

Or I can do it to procrastinate and avoid important jobs

I can eat chocolate and cake etc because of the positive emotions related or I can do so as a type of stress response and spend all night binge eating.

The difference is WHO I am while I’m doing it.

For eg, I drink not often but I do. ( I used to drink out ALOT more ) Esp this time of year. This weekend just gone I went out on Friday night…found my way back home the next day after spending all night in a friends bar.

Yes I drank , pretty much everything ( I also know I can handle drink pretty well )

Yes I was out ALL night

HOWEVER, at the time WHO I was, was a person who firstly is still pretty young, has a social life and enjoys socialising

Secondly, someone who works pretty hard, so a night out is good to have, nice to relax, switch off

Thirdly, someone who was self aware, not acting from a place of stress, food was prepped for the next day, I had a day to recover, everything was in place!

MOST of all, it was FUN and life in my opinion should be FUN ( Show me proof otherwise)

So YES go out…eat CAKE just simply ask yourself WHO am I at this moment I time.

Am I doing this because it is in some way providing a benefit …or is this a stress response.

So, yes go out and enjoy life. Just ensure its actually YOU enjoying it! rather than you reacting and responding to environmental stress.

And ALSO realise that YES it may slow your results down. BUT you’re all adults and more than able to make that decision

And maybe it wont slow them down… Depends on who you are at the time

This ‘ Rule’ Also applies to the opposite

Who are you while you’re training, eating etc

A stressed brain/ mind cant perform, recover, rest, digest, absorb nutrients etc

So, sometimes. What you think is good can actually be bad and what you presume is bad can actually be good.

Its Always asking WHO am I right this second. And is this action in alignment with the person I most desire to be, with the way I most desire to feel and the life I most desire to experience.


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