Its Not What You Eat. It’s Who You Are While You Eat It

Its not always WHAT you eat but WHO you are while you’re eating it
A stress free mind will digest and absorb calories and nutrients MUCH more efficiently and we can achieve this simply by becoming more mindful during meal times
Another important take away is this. The number ONE cause of stress ad threat to the Human Brain (besides real threat AKA a gun to the head ) is removal of choice. Basically getting told you CANT do something. And remember if you’re in threat/ stress you come away from your PFC and you can no longer mindfully chase a goal! (your PFC / Pre Frontal Cortex MUST be online inn order for the brain to pursue a goal ) so just by removing ALL dietary restrictions and ALL dietary rules we actually allow the brain to do exactly what it needs to do to progress forwards.
Counting macros is necessary to become more aware of calories but ultimately  it should never be causing stress and frustration and its definitely not needed to achieve your goals.
With my clients I introduce 3 INVITATIONS (NOT RULES)
1- Look forward to your food
2- Enjoy your food and be mindful while eating it
2- Afterwards actually be happy that you’ve eaten and enjoyed it. so NO regrets
ZERO food restrictions

Just ENJOYING your food and learning to be Mindful around eating.

This is just a great example of working WITH the Brain and not Against it.

– Paul

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