Lighthouses … Tugboats and why a PT /Coach should NEVER look to motivate clients

It’s important to remember that as a PT /Coach it isint my job to Motivate people or push them or keep them accountable

In fact it’s not my responsibility to help you achieve or do anything.

Think about it. If you rely on your PT for motivation and accountability what happens when they go? Or when you go ?

You lose the motivation right … the accountability goes and you end up back at square one.

From a PT perspective imagine having to constantly motivate 10-20-30 people on a daily basis. I’ve made this mistake early on in my career and it’s exhausting and damaging to your clients long term results !

If your current motivation comes from the fact that if you don’t train your PT will give you Burpees next session then I’d invite you to look at other forms of motivation.

A good coach ( I’ve worked with a lot so I feel qualified to say )

Acts like a Lighthouse, not a tug boat.

Let me explain. A Tug boat is like a PT/Coach trying to individually motivate and inspire every client. Every time a client gets stuck they sail out , tie the rope on and drag the client back to land

In and out . In and out . In and out

Exhausting !!

A lighthouse on the other hand simply stands there. And shines a light out for people to either follow or ignore.

You do your best to live the life your clients want to live . To live a life of balance, freedom happiness and confidence

To pretty much stand as an example and inspiration for people to move towards or ignore completely.

Either way it’s not the Coaches responsibility

I’m not here to motivate clients I’m here to say THIS is what works for me. Maybe it will work for you.

And then you provide the right tools so that your clients don’t require accountability and constant motivation

Just something to think about next time you work with a PT or a Coach



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