Perfection NOT necessary

I drop the ball occasionally

I’ll forget to do things… mess up my schedule

Forget to send things out

Sometimes in sessions my head won’t be 100% there

Sometimes I’m just tired!!

I’ll occasionally go on nights out and drink too much ( esp this time of year, Christmas)

I’ll eat food that others might call ‘ Bad’

Sometimes, I’ll go weeks were I just can’t be arsed with training

Sometimes if I’m going through a stressful period of time then my food and training takes a major back seat!

And I’ll be honest … sometimes. I just can’t be arsed with people. I just want to turn my phone of for a week! Jump on a plane and go hide

And this. ALL of this is OK

Because, I’m a Human

And so are YOU.

Don’t constantly beat yourself up for not always been on the ball

It’s not about ALWAYS getting it right. It’s your ability to, when required. Remember your values, your goal and to simply get back in alignment with that.

Going on nights out occasionally is in alignment with my goals and values

So is enjoying my food

If I have a bad day or week or I screw something up. I take a step back. Focus on my environment, get my brain away from the stress and then get myself back on track as quickly as I can

Think of it like this …

Imagine you’re walking down a country lane . BEAUTIFUL scenery all around you. You have a general sense of where you’re going… but occasionally you take a wrong turn, you trip up slightly and get a little lost

And occasionally you find a Coach or guide, teacher or mentor to help you find the way forwards

But. Either way. You just ENJOY the scenery

Learn to slow down and take it all in


PS- to learn more you can join us HERE

dax and the gang

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