Probably the MOST important question you can ask yourself.

” How can I ENJOY this more?”

Seriously, that’s it

SIMPLE and easy right ?

6 words. The MOST Powerful and impactful question you can ask moment to moment

Let me explain why!

This question ‘ speaks ‘ to every part of your brain.

Your Brains primary concern is Survival (obviously )

After that… PLEASURE

Trust me, nobody wants to lose weight simply to lose weight (or any other fitness goal) you’re chasing a ‘ feeling’ a sense of pleasure. ( this is why I’ll always get you to define the real goal, the feeling’ )

So, once the Brain meets its most basic needs ( survival ) the more Human Pre Frontal Cortex comes online

The Right PFC starts to imagine all the things that will bring you pleasure ( perfect body, partner, job, big house etc )

And the Left PFC starts to form a plan of how to actually achieve it. ( go to uni, apply for that job, go to the gym etc)

Now THIS is why that question is so important. The Brain is really pretty amazing

If we forget that the actual goal is feeling based and pleasure based. The RPFC picks up on this and often starts to create horror stories and negative feelings. ( if it’s not chasing pleasure than something must be wrong right ?!)

So the LPFC notices this, and starts to formulate a plan to take you away from that threat

This is why that diet plan that was supposed to bring pleasure ( from results) suddenly turns into a nightmare and you ‘ cheat’ at the first opportunity.

So simply asking ” How can I enjoy this more” is a GREAT way to actually keep on track. To remind your RPFC that this goal is one based around pleasure and a positive feeling. To e sure it continues to work in favour of the goal rather than against it!

So next time you’re training



” How can I enjoy this more”



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