Why Do We Become Stronger ?

Why do we become stronger ?

Why do I teach ALL of my clients how to Squat and Deadlift regardless of goal ( besides the functional and health benefits)

Becoming the strongest version of yourself isn’t just about lifting heavy weights

It’s about allowing those parts of you that are MOST important to you, to shine through.

How can you live by those values of


And so on. Without the foundation strength to do so?

That ability to grow stronger in the gym translates to the different areas in your life

When you learn not to give up when the weight gets heavier. To rest and recuperate and try again and again

When you learn to find that last piece of energy when you wanted to give up

When you simply learn to be strong !

You also learn how to live life by the values that YOU most want to. In the way that YOU most want to.

“Strength makes all other values possible ”

So keep getting stronger.



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