Failing Forwards.

I have this urge constantly to find my purpose. To find and do that one thing that I’m supposed to do… That I was called to do

Because of that, I’m willing to take risks others won’t take

(Like dropping from 3 university courses )

It allows me to experience the highs and lows most can’t experience

( like having to start from scratch over and over again !)

Like many of you, I wish I could ‘ give up’ when the stress and hardship got so bad that you felt there was no where to go!

When the second you wake up, you’re hit with immediate stress, anxiety, panic

I wished I could give up during those times … Settle for something easier … Just get a normal job… Just follow everyone else’s ideal plan

Unfortunately, I can’t. That ability to give up on my passion isint built into my mechanics…

However with this comes something amazing

With the stress the despair and depression , with the anxiety and panic. When you’re unable to give up… When you have no choice but to keep pushing forwards into the darkness regardless of how dark it gets, when you’re unable to turn back to the safety of the light behind you and instead you push forwards into the darkness

Eventually, you start to see specs of light…

And as each speck of light, lights up the darkness around you. You begin to see, discover and learn something incredible about yourself

With each step into the darkness you find yourself a step closer to understanding who YOU genuinely are

– What your purpose is.

-You find and learn from guides that others can’t access

-You learn to see things others can’t see…

-You have no idea how long this cave is, how long the darkness will last or how dark it will get

– This fear, turns to excitement

Known that in the end, you will come to the other end.

Unafraid, POWERFUL, confident like a beacon for others to draw inspiration and guidance from

Shining a light into the cave, for others to see behind you

Just like the specs of light that allowed you to find your way.

If you’re not like me …

If you’re happy to give up, happy to settle and be comfortable. Then no doubt this post will not connect with you.

I wish you all the best.

However, if this has connected with you. Then please reach out and connect with me!

My friends. Even in your complete utter failure you’re reaching levels others can’t even dream about

Even with your complete failure…

At least you have seen the inside of the cave and the lessons that lie within

Paul x



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