Starting to see yourself in HD

Sometimes I find it hard to be around people.

Ill get anxious for no reason, my head will go blank and I can’t think of anything to say, then the awkwardness makes it worse

Sometimes this causes me to mumble and I’ll find it hard to get my words out clearly

Sometimes, mid conversation if the environment is too loud my brain shuts down and I’ll find it hard to keep track of my thoughts.


Sometimes I’ll talk confidently in front of dozens of people without the need for notes and a presentation and I can talk for hours!

Sometimes I can talk with someone 121 for hours in deep meaningful conversation that just so happens to be pretty life changing for us both

Sometimes I can be the centre of attention and the life of the party, other times I need my own space

All because at the route I LOVE people and been around people, just I was born with a brain that can occasionally be a little over sensitive

It’s so easy to see yourself in a negative way. I can judge myself for occasionally finding social situations challenging and beat myself up for all those invites I’ll sometimes turn down and the first impressions I often felt I messed up!

Or I can pride myself on the strength taken to do those things in the first place. I can care for myself and take it easy on myself.

I can learn to see the parts of me that decided to show up regardless

And so can you.

Learn to pay attention to ALL of it. Not just the parts you think are bad but those moments you don’t get to see. We all have them.

Those little moments that go Unnoticed by you, because there’s no pictures, no one recoding those for you, no mirror to see yourSELF in

I’ve trained since I was 10 years old. I designed my first training plan at 6. I’ve invested thousands and read countless books, I’ve sat in bars and coffee shops even London nightclubs with the worlds leading fitness experts! And the more I learn, the more I realise that you don’t need to be more. You just need to simply learn to see yourself fully , every part of yourself

And then start to show up as yourself

Rather than the shitty low definition version you’ve decided to believe in

Increase the definition. Go HD and you’ll see what you’ve been missing out on. You’ll see that the person you want to be as a result of changing your physique is already there.


– Paul

PS to join in with the conversation more, go HERE 


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