Stop Doing Shit You Hate

If you want to lose/gain weight
You have to eat more or less Calories than your body burns daily.
You have to do some form of physical activity.
You have to stay consistent until you see and maintain your results
Once you realise the simplicity of this it opens EVERYTHING up for you. .
This is the difference between. I MUST go to the gym and exercise in this way, regardless of how much I might despise doing it
To I can go to the gym OR i can swim, run, climb, surf, dance, play and do whatever the hell I want in order to burn calories and in order to stay active. Ass long as i actually do it.
I can find a way of staying in good health and physical shape that i love and in doing so ill guarantee my long term results.
Remember, you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Rather than asking what works BEST for the result. ASK YOURSELF what works best for ME. What will I enjoy the most.
Do that.

Its your life. Stop filling it with shit you hate.

lsf wakefield

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