Why is ‘ Enjoying The Process’ so important to me and central to the way I PT/Coach ?

I grew up with certain things going on in my head that as a 5-6 -12-16 year old that I didn’t ‘ Get’ for some reason. I just couldn’t do things that everyone else around me found so easy to do. I had the BEST childhood with everything I needed provided to me. However, I also had a Brain that liked to cause me a few issues. (And still does) this lead me to feel growing up that I had to somehow overcome ‘ That’ thing in my head…whatever ‘that’ was. It felt like I had to arrive somewhere. To become better and more than who I was right at that moment.

I was convinced that life was about overcoming, it was about perfection because without perfection you’re imperfect and if you’re not 1st you’re last… winning or loosing. This helped in some way because it made me hard working and competitive and allowed me to progress in my career. However, it’s an up hill battle you just can’t win. No matter how much you achieve you always have that feeling that you need to do more.

My life really changed when I realised that life wasint a journey from A-B it wasint so much about overcoming anything, in fact there was nothing to overcome. More so. Life, was about the stuff in the middle. Alan Watts explains this using Music as an example. We PLAY music and the music happens in between the beginning and the end. In just the same way I realised that life should be played. It should be fun. You’re trying to overcome, trying to get there by fast forwarding the track to get to the end.

There was nothing to overcome, nothing to rush and nothing to be better at.

I didint have to fix myself or better myself. I didint have to be more than myself. I just had to BE myself.

I could take the climb and the struggle and the grind and the pursuit of perfection less seriously

And the Fun, play, wonder, adventure ,love and excitement MORE seriously

enjoying the prcess

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