BEST DIET FORQ ” What’s the best diet plan for weight loss?”

A ” One that puts you into a calorie deficit and that you can happily maintain long enough to see and maintain your results”

Q ” How many times per week should I train ?”

A ” as many times as your life and schedule realistically allows. What works best for YOU?”

Q ” What type of training should I do for weight loss ?”

A ” The type you enjoy most and can stay consistent with. Try everything and see what fits you best ”

Q ” Doesn’t cardio increase cortisol (stress) levels impeding fat loss?”

A ” Having someone tell you, you CANT do Cardio increases cortisol levels even more. So, enjoy your cardio if that’s what you like ”

Q ” Do I need to use protein powder ”

A ” No…it can help. But no ”

Q “Do I need to reduce Carbs to lose weight ?”

A ” No, as long as you’re in a calorie deficit you will lose weight. How you reduce your calories is up to you. You don’t have to reduce your carbs ”

Q ” if I use weights will I get too big ”

A ” No, gaining muscle is extremely hard for women, more so then men. So don’t worry about it. It will however give you a toned. Aesthetic appearance if combined with the right diet etc ”

Q ” Do I have to eat 6x per day ?”

A ” No, your body will deal with the food you consume in the same way regardless if you eat once or ten times per day ”

Q “Can I eat Carbs after 6″

A ” Yes ”

Q ” What if I don’t like eating breakfast ?”

A “Then don’t, just make sure your first meal is a good one ”

Q ” How much water should I be drinking ?”

A ” Enough to make your pee clear. ”

Q “Do I need to use supplements ?”

A “No, focus on getting your food 100% first. And then use supplements if you need to, to address any deficiencies ”

Q ” How do I get rid of muscle soreness ( DOMS) ?”

A ” Warm up and cool down properly, stretch and foam roll. Don’t kill yourself in the session. Eat plenty of protein. Move around, apply some heat. Stretch! You’ll be fine ”


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