Whats Really Stopping You ?

Ok, you might not know the ins and outs of Human anatomy and physiology. The intricate details of the CNS system, the Endocrine system and the Neuroscience behind training.

Maybe, you’re unaware of how your adrenal glands work, the effects of insulin on fat loss. How protein synthesis impacts Muscle development and all that stuff.

It’s true, there’s A LOT you don’t know.

BUT… you DO know that Water is good for you.

You do know that when it comes to weight loss. Cake, however nice it is. Probably isint the best choice.

You DO know to eat plenty of veg and real foods.

You DO know that exercise will benefit your health. In whatever form you decide to take it up.

You might not know everything (me neither) BUT you do know enough. You know enough to be a lot further on in this goal that you are currently.

So. My question is….

What’s REALLY stopping you ?

whats rreally stopping you

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