My BIGGEST mistake

The BIGGEST mistake I’ve made so far in terms of fitness ( and still make) is trying to achieve results too quickly. Trying to rush…

I get it. Not feeling good in yourself. Sucks. Not feeling happy in the clothes you wear. Sucks. Not feeling good enough. Really sucks. I really do get it. I get that you want to get away from this feeling ASAP…I was the same.

But, I spent years trying the quick way. Just to regress each and every time. Years trying to rush the process. Years trying crazy routines and diet plans just to give up. Not because I was lazy but because the routine was just impossible to maintain.

All I had to do was chill out. Break the goal down and take consistent baby steps and I would have saved myself years of hassle. Years of not feeling so good about myself. Years of been a dick to other people because I was insecure. All I had to do was not rush.

Small simple daily consistent actions.

This is why i go on about long term results. This is why i advocate against ” fast results ‘ and crazy plans. Because I’ve been there and done that. And it doesn’t work. I’ve lived it. Lived it for years longer than I should have.

I know how that feels.

Stop rushing. Small daily simple consistent actions. The time will pass and the results will stick.

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