About Me

Alright ?…

That’s usually how I start an interaction with someone I’ve never met before. If I’m feeling very Northern I might even go with ‘ Now then’ Anyone reading this from anywhere other than the North East of England will be a little clueless right now. Don’t worry though, just smile and nod and hope no one asks you any questions.

What I’m going to do is, write a few ‘ facts down’ to wet your appetite and then I’m going to link you to all of my social places, or at least the ones I can be bothered to keep on top of (i’m sorry snap chat I’m trying) so you can have a good stalk there. This is for 2 reasons

– To increase my following

–  I know you really don’t want to read a 10,000 word blog about my life as magical as its been so far (that’s in the blog section)


My WHY is to create content that builds connection and helps to improve the lives of others and in doing so inspires others to do the same. I have a very clear idea of what i want the world to look like and that is a world where the vast majority of people feel truly accepted, unconditionally cared for and deeply connected with both themselves and the world around them.

Everything I do from writing to speaking to online and 1:1 PT/ Coaching and everything else is designed to create that world.

I’m a creative first, artist, writer, blogger, speaker, aspiring world class communicator and also a pretty good PT and Personal Coach

I live in Middlesbrough (UTB, T, T, Teesiders and so on) very proud of my northern routes. It really genuinely is an incredibly beautiful and connected place to live.

I’m addicted to Tea (obviously)

American Psycho is my favorite film and by chance the greatest film ever ( not sure what that says about me. Do you like Huey Lewis?  )

I’m not sure If I could or If i would want to survive without Music, slightly dramatic. Maybe. But, true. Or at least, I just really like music. Again, I think its a northern thing. I Like to try to be Indie but its a lot of effort so I just listen to whatever I like.

I don’t really drink but when I do, ill go for Cognac, ill occasionally pretend to like red wine and secretly I know that my favorite drink is a Vodka Orange.

Oh and my ‘ Why’ my ambition, to connect with people, not only comes from the pure scientific reasoning that all humans are here to connect and on the most fundamental level your goals are there to help you to connect more. It also comes from my personal fight with SAD or social anxiety disorder, more on that later no doubt

I was an artist and a creative FIRST ( the first book I ever read was a book on Monet’s paintains, that or Batman. Either way. I studied Graphic design and Photography in College and worked in the acting industry BEFORE I became a PT and now I feel like I’m coming back into the creative space, full circle.

As a PT I’ve spent 4-5 years in the industry. I very quickly realized that the current way of training clients doesn’t work for a HUGE majority of people. So, i set out to find a better way, a way I could fall in love with. A way that has taken me home…to me, and the people I most want to impact  – ‘ YOUR PLACE ‘ is the result of that, 25 years of fighting social anxiety, 18 years of training 4 years of Coaching, investing tens of thousands of £ and studying under some of the greatest minds in the industry. That, and I just really like Tea and people. Often together.

So, here you go.

– Paul



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