You Already Know What To Do.

”You already know what to do”

A person wanting to lose weight knows to stop eating junk food to eat natural foods and to exercise.

Do those 3 things in pretty much any form and you’ll see results.
It’s not that you don’t know what to do ( you do, you know you do… Just get a bit of self belief )

It’s that you can’t do the things you already know you need to do.
Stop searching for the magic pill constantly asking the same ” how do I do ‘this or that’ question

You know what do to.

Start there first


you know

Why Do We Become Stronger ?

Why do we become stronger ?

Why do I teach ALL of my clients how to Squat and Deadlift regardless of goal ( besides the functional and health benefits)

Becoming the strongest version of yourself isn’t just about lifting heavy weights

It’s about allowing those parts of you that are MOST important to you, to shine through.

How can you live by those values of


And so on. Without the foundation strength to do so?

That ability to grow stronger in the gym translates to the different areas in your life

When you learn not to give up when the weight gets heavier. To rest and recuperate and try again and again

When you learn to find that last piece of energy when you wanted to give up

When you simply learn to be strong !

You also learn how to live life by the values that YOU most want to. In the way that YOU most want to.

“Strength makes all other values possible ”

So keep getting stronger.



You Don’t Have To. You GET To.

” You don’t have to. You Get To ”

I’ve realised and to be honest I’m still realising that it’s just a mind-set shift.

A shift away from ‘ I have to’ to ‘ I GET to’

I don’t have to get up… I GET to

I don’t have to go to the gym. I GET TO.

I don’t have to eat healthy so I can be and feel healthy. I GET TO.

Something to remember. YOU GET TO. And so many others don’t. You don’t HAVE to do anything but you GET to if you’re lucky enough 🙂

– Paul

you get to .jpg

This will GURANTEE that you fail :) So, don’t do it.

If you’re currently counting the days until your ‘ diet’ ends. Counting the days until your next ‘ cheat meal’
Chances are. It’s not a sustainable plan and will not provide you with long term results

Instead it’s more likely to cause at BEST short term results followed by a plateau or most likely regression.

I’ve yet to see a person ‘ force ‘ themselves into long term transformation. It’s just not going to happen.

It’s not a sprint

Or a marathon

Or an ultra marathon

It’s not even a fast paced walk.

It’s a ‘ wander’ where the ONLY way to get to where you want to be is to learn how to slow down and enjoy the views.

Because isint that why you’re doing this in the first place ? To enjoy and experience YOUR life the best way you can ?

Everyone’s trying to sprint to a finish line that doesn’t exist wondering why they eventually burn out and quit

Enjoy it 


Weight Loss Tip…Don’t Eat Shit

I’m joking 🙃
…. Eat ALL the Chocolate 🍫
…. Drink ALL the Drink 🍻
But here’s the TIP
Do so Mindfully
Rather than shoving it down without thinking.🤔Actually ENJOY it
Look forward to it
Take your time opening the wrapper or pouring the drink
Let the hunger and thirst build up so you can REALLY appreciate it
Be mindful and enjoy each moment. BE in the moment
Don’t feel guilty … just enjoy it.
No guilt…. no stress…. no regrets… just living in the moment ENJOYING LIFE!!
And when you eat ‘ Healthy ‘ foods ENJOY those too
And when you exercise ENJOY that !
And when you sit and do nothing ENJOY that
Just be mindful in the moment and have FUN with it 👌
You’ll find that 2-3 pieces of chocolate eaten mindfully will last as long as a full bar shoved down mindlessly. And enjoyed so much more.


Its Not What You Eat. It’s Who You Are While You Eat It

Its not always WHAT you eat but WHO you are while you’re eating it
A stress free mind will digest and absorb calories and nutrients MUCH more efficiently and we can achieve this simply by becoming more mindful during meal times
Another important take away is this. The number ONE cause of stress ad threat to the Human Brain (besides real threat AKA a gun to the head ) is removal of choice. Basically getting told you CANT do something. And remember if you’re in threat/ stress you come away from your PFC and you can no longer mindfully chase a goal! (your PFC / Pre Frontal Cortex MUST be online inn order for the brain to pursue a goal ) so just by removing ALL dietary restrictions and ALL dietary rules we actually allow the brain to do exactly what it needs to do to progress forwards.
Counting macros is necessary to become more aware of calories but ultimately  it should never be causing stress and frustration and its definitely not needed to achieve your goals.
With my clients I introduce 3 INVITATIONS (NOT RULES)
1- Look forward to your food
2- Enjoy your food and be mindful while eating it
2- Afterwards actually be happy that you’ve eaten and enjoyed it. so NO regrets
ZERO food restrictions

Just ENJOYING your food and learning to be Mindful around eating.

This is just a great example of working WITH the Brain and not Against it.

– Paul

Probably the MOST important question you can ask yourself.

” How can I ENJOY this more?”

Seriously, that’s it

SIMPLE and easy right ?

6 words. The MOST Powerful and impactful question you can ask moment to moment

Let me explain why!

This question ‘ speaks ‘ to every part of your brain.

Your Brains primary concern is Survival (obviously )

After that… PLEASURE

Trust me, nobody wants to lose weight simply to lose weight (or any other fitness goal) you’re chasing a ‘ feeling’ a sense of pleasure. ( this is why I’ll always get you to define the real goal, the feeling’ )

So, once the Brain meets its most basic needs ( survival ) the more Human Pre Frontal Cortex comes online

The Right PFC starts to imagine all the things that will bring you pleasure ( perfect body, partner, job, big house etc )

And the Left PFC starts to form a plan of how to actually achieve it. ( go to uni, apply for that job, go to the gym etc)

Now THIS is why that question is so important. The Brain is really pretty amazing

If we forget that the actual goal is feeling based and pleasure based. The RPFC picks up on this and often starts to create horror stories and negative feelings. ( if it’s not chasing pleasure than something must be wrong right ?!)

So the LPFC notices this, and starts to formulate a plan to take you away from that threat

This is why that diet plan that was supposed to bring pleasure ( from results) suddenly turns into a nightmare and you ‘ cheat’ at the first opportunity.

So simply asking ” How can I enjoy this more” is a GREAT way to actually keep on track. To remind your RPFC that this goal is one based around pleasure and a positive feeling. To e sure it continues to work in favour of the goal rather than against it!

So next time you’re training



” How can I enjoy this more”



Its Not What You Do, But WHO You Are While You’re Doing It.

Quick post, something that has come up a few times this week .

For me personally ( in the way I work, feel free to disagree) there are no ‘ Bad’ things , Bad foods, Bad ways etc

Its more so a question of, is this serving me ?

I can sit on my Ass all evening and watch a movie as a way to switch off and relax

Or I can do it to procrastinate and avoid important jobs

I can eat chocolate and cake etc because of the positive emotions related or I can do so as a type of stress response and spend all night binge eating.

The difference is WHO I am while I’m doing it.

For eg, I drink not often but I do. ( I used to drink out ALOT more ) Esp this time of year. This weekend just gone I went out on Friday night…found my way back home the next day after spending all night in a friends bar.

Yes I drank , pretty much everything ( I also know I can handle drink pretty well )

Yes I was out ALL night

HOWEVER, at the time WHO I was, was a person who firstly is still pretty young, has a social life and enjoys socialising

Secondly, someone who works pretty hard, so a night out is good to have, nice to relax, switch off

Thirdly, someone who was self aware, not acting from a place of stress, food was prepped for the next day, I had a day to recover, everything was in place!

MOST of all, it was FUN and life in my opinion should be FUN ( Show me proof otherwise)

So YES go out…eat CAKE just simply ask yourself WHO am I at this moment I time.

Am I doing this because it is in some way providing a benefit …or is this a stress response.

So, yes go out and enjoy life. Just ensure its actually YOU enjoying it! rather than you reacting and responding to environmental stress.

And ALSO realise that YES it may slow your results down. BUT you’re all adults and more than able to make that decision

And maybe it wont slow them down… Depends on who you are at the time

This ‘ Rule’ Also applies to the opposite

Who are you while you’re training, eating etc

A stressed brain/ mind cant perform, recover, rest, digest, absorb nutrients etc

So, sometimes. What you think is good can actually be bad and what you presume is bad can actually be good.

Its Always asking WHO am I right this second. And is this action in alignment with the person I most desire to be, with the way I most desire to feel and the life I most desire to experience.


Every Single Day.

I think I’m not good enough.

I have moment after moment after moment of self doubt

I shouldn’t be here … doing this

I don’t know enough yet

I need to learn more

Everyone will realise I’m not as good as they think!

I’m not showing up enough

I’m not fit enough I don’t look good enough

I’m not good enough…


Yet EVERY night I go to bed and remember that through everything. I’m still here.

Through every challenge



I’m still here.

I remember what I’ve achieved so far.

Most of all I remember that I’ve pretty much achieved every goal I’ve set my mind to so far ALL while not really having a fucking clue what was going on in general. Just pure graft and refusing to give up. ( I never give up… it’s gift/ curse )

I’ve gotten side-tracked by the TV and forgotten the point of the post… something about self worth

But, yeah… it’s in that realisation that after ALL of that shit… you’re still going.


You can take your time. You can go as slow as you want and learn at a pace that suits you.

You can just BE YOU

When my nephew first started to try to walk. He sucked pretty bad. Constantly falling over!

Did he give a shit ? …. No chance!

Just kept getting back up

Just kept showing up

Now, he’s running all over the place !

Still not giving a shit.

So, stop giving a shit

… I have Social Anxiety. I should not be working with people in a job that requires me to be this ‘ social’ but I’ve never been very good at doing what I’m told.

So I pretty much took on EVERY Job that required me to challenge my anxiety. Years later, it’s pretty much sorted. (90%)

I should not be standing in front of dozens of PTs teaching them about Coaching and the Brain set… yet i seem to do that a fair bit.

Stop giving a shit that you’re not 100% there yet

That you’re not as good as ‘ they’re’ expecting or that YOU’RE expecting

Stop caring that maybe it’s taking you a bit longer than you expected

Or that you’re not doing things the way everyone else is expecting!

Just keep falling over and remember that not long ago you couldn’t even crawl!! You were just lying there trying to keep your head up!

So, you get back up and fall on your arse again… and again

And before you know it, you’re running around like a complete nutter. ( still not really knowing what’s going on)

  • Paul

Perfection NOT necessary

I drop the ball occasionally

I’ll forget to do things… mess up my schedule

Forget to send things out

Sometimes in sessions my head won’t be 100% there

Sometimes I’m just tired!!

I’ll occasionally go on nights out and drink too much ( esp this time of year, Christmas)

I’ll eat food that others might call ‘ Bad’

Sometimes, I’ll go weeks were I just can’t be arsed with training

Sometimes if I’m going through a stressful period of time then my food and training takes a major back seat!

And I’ll be honest … sometimes. I just can’t be arsed with people. I just want to turn my phone of for a week! Jump on a plane and go hide

And this. ALL of this is OK

Because, I’m a Human

And so are YOU.

Don’t constantly beat yourself up for not always been on the ball

It’s not about ALWAYS getting it right. It’s your ability to, when required. Remember your values, your goal and to simply get back in alignment with that.

Going on nights out occasionally is in alignment with my goals and values

So is enjoying my food

If I have a bad day or week or I screw something up. I take a step back. Focus on my environment, get my brain away from the stress and then get myself back on track as quickly as I can

Think of it like this …

Imagine you’re walking down a country lane . BEAUTIFUL scenery all around you. You have a general sense of where you’re going… but occasionally you take a wrong turn, you trip up slightly and get a little lost

And occasionally you find a Coach or guide, teacher or mentor to help you find the way forwards

But. Either way. You just ENJOY the scenery

Learn to slow down and take it all in


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