Before I met Paul my self confidence was at an all time low. I wore baggy clothes and turned to food all the time; vicious cycle but I thought it was helping. I’d never had coaching before and I admit I was a yo-yo dieter looking for a quick fix. I was a firm believer in unless you sweated majorly and ached for weeks you weren’t working hard enough. When I first met Paul he explained the theory behind the cycle (fret and all that) and helped me understand how to break the cycle and put strategies in place for if it happened again. Since starting my journey with Paul I now look at a bigger picture and my attitude has changed. I no longer get hung up about the scale figure but enjoy what I eat and make my food intake work for me instead of the other way round. I feel more in control and love the support and knowledge Paul provides. Every week I look forward to our sessions and love pushing myself and finding out what my new limits. I love the new me and love my new found confidence in clothes and mentality. For those who want results then here you go: in 6 months I have now lost a stone and a half and 12cm off my waist. I eat what I want with no diet plan and no guilt!! I don’t starve myself I eat 1800cals a day. I’ve added a picture as I now feel confident to do this 😌

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I’ve been working with Paul for a couple of months now and find his input, ideas, guidance and support invaluable.  I’ve tried lots of different avenues in the past, over many years, to help me deal with issues around chronic depression and anxiety with patchy success. I really feel that I’m now on the right path. Paul’s approach is patient and non judgemental and helps you to focus on how to work with the brain and not against it. He has a way of explaining things that just makes total sense and has helped me make so many connections with work I’ve done in the past but never really been able to action.  Genuinely, starting work with Paul was one of the best things that happened to me in 2016 and has given me hope and strength for and onwards.- Anonymous



What can I say about Paul!?I first noticed Paul when he wrote a comment on FB about tracking macros and how you can never make a habit out of something you loathe which really resonated with me.

So I decided to get in touch, when I first started with Paul I had a terrible relationship with food, a constant binge/starve cycle and wondered why I wasn’t making progress in the gym. I had terrible self-perception (to the point of self-loathing) and was constantly feeling like I wasn’t enough.

Fast forward to 6 months later and things could not be more different! I remember Paul saying to me at the beginning, by the time your wedding comes you’ll have a healthy relationship with food, you may be a bit bigger but you’ll be a hell of a lot stronger. The thought of being bigger filled me with fear but the stronger bit was music to my ears!

So with Pauls help, I’m there! I am a little bigger but I’m so happy, I can have the odd cake, drink, bar of chocolate without the crushing guilt. I am so much stronger and that is down to Pauls coaching and putting up with my constant moaning and sometimes swearing at him (he loves it really)

My days were consumed by thinking about what I would eat next or what I couldn’t eat, I would avoid social situations with friends and argue with family and my partner as I would never eat out or eat anything I couldn’t track, hours were spent trawling through social media wanting to look like XYZ.

Paul has helped me to accept me as me, I AM fit and I AM strong and I AM healthy, I always was I just didn’t see it.

I joke and say he is the biggest bane of my life when he is torturing me with drop sets, super sets, pull ups and dips, but on a serious note he has changed my life and that is worth far more than any money you will spend on a gym membership, diet plans, protein shakes and any other random diet on the go!

-j (Anonymous- Personal Coaching Client)



stu Pauls ability to tap into my thought process actually helped me to come up with solutions I had not previously thought off or even addressed and ultimately has left me with great confidence to make these solutions happen going forwards. Great listener, great ability to broaden my thought process, fantastic insight with knowledge and a real ease for me to open up about any concerns or barriers.

– Stuart Curran Personal Trainer.





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