Your Place Inner circle

Is the result of over 20 years of training. 4 years as a PT 2 years as a Coach and thousands of £ and hours spent learning from the best.

Your Place is just that. Its a place for you to go, to meet and connect with like minded people, a place to learn and explore and ask questions, a place to feel completely safe and never judged, a place you can be YOU and grow and develop into the greatest version of YOU all while inspiring others to do the same.

‘ Your Place’ is brand new. Doors open March first. My goal is to build a community, a family and a place for everyone to call their own.

How much is it and what do you get ?

Its £ 47 per month, monthly subscription, no contract, cancel any time.

You get …

A support group via FB. fb groups are an amazing way for me to deliver amazing content and support

Q&A sessions every 2 weeks ( you can send me your questions to make sure they get answered ) and ask questions on the spot.

Weekly ‘ Lessons’ on everything from correct form to meal ideas, nutritional info, supplementation, mind-set and more.

Weekly to monthly exercise routines and workout ideas and challenges

Ill take you through the 12steps to long term transformation from ‘ Exploration’ right through to building a new habit and ill teach you every step so you know exactly what you’re doing and why.

Access to meet ups and events, coffee dates and days out

And more.

Look, lets be honest. The content doesn’t really matter all that much. its just stuff and the last thing you need is more stuff and you’ll get that stuff and so much more. But, most of all…

Ill show you how to find out who you are. Where you are. Where you want to go so that you can design a strategy that gets you from A to B in a way that you fall completely in love with.

You get to do this not on your own but with a group of truly amazing people like yourself.

Maybe the best part. You can bring someone in for FREE. A friend, partner, whoever. Or, I can introduce you to someone already in the group (if you’d like ) This is my way of making sure that you don’t do this on your own. That you get inspired by others ad they get inspired by you.

” Together is always better ”

The four components of ‘ Your Place’ are

1- We keep it FUN easy to follow and simple. No crazy diet plans and routines.

2 – We focus 100% on helping you to achieve long term permanent results that you wont regress from.

3- Its family/ friend/ couple/ community focused. In other words I realise that ALOT of people make up your life and therefore impact your goal. So, we work with that rather than trying to ignore it.

4- No gym required. Every routine I give you, you can do wherever you want with little to no equipment

So, that’s £47 for 2 people per month. Just let me know the name of the person and some contact info when you join and ill get them in with you!

Doors open March 1st to get involved go HERE. (link coming soon)

Cant wait to get started

– Paul

PS any problems just send me a message

P,P.S. remember if you’d like to keep in contact so I can tell you about new posts or anything I have going on. You can sign up to my free emails here. Again, I promise not to spam you. Its just another way to add some value. Just click the link below